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Established in 1991. We are a leading independent security and risk management consultancy. We specialise in delivering strategic and operational solutions to our select clients on a global basis.

Delivering strategic and
operational solutions

Understand we work proactively with each client to fully understand their unique strategic and operational risks, requirements and constraints of the task.

Evaluate we evaluate the services we deliver, monitor any evolving threat and the level of risk mitigation required, always adapting and refining.

Plan we provide bespoke plans to assist in dealing with both immediate and long-term strategic and operational issues.

Partner our aim is always to reach a long-term partnership with our client to deliver the most effective strategic and operational solutions possible.

Deliver we deliver clear, effective and workable solutions, seek to remove avoidable complexities, and operate with the lightest footprint possible.

headquarters office Senior management and back office staff providing customer support and administration 24/7support
regional offices Staff providing business development and permanent support to SPS operational tasks 2locations
SPS partner offices Associates providing permanent support to SPS operational tasks 11locations
SPS associates Associates providing ad-hoc support to SPS operational tasks 131locations

Delivering strategic and
operational solutions

Global Assistance All of the services offered by SPS are managed from our dedicated operations centre, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A single number will provide access to security, intelligence and medical assistance through our 24/7 emergency support system. A highly professional team of specialists, who have years of experience in providing security and crisis response planning, manages our operations centre.

In an emergency situation you will be guided through the initial emergency response focusing on life and property preservation. If a further solution is required SPS can provide additional assistance ranging from on-the-ground security support to medical evacuations.

24/7 emergency support

24/7 medical support

Delivering strategic and
operational solutions

Travel Security International travel is key to today's business environment.
By integrating SPS's travel security package into your organisation's health and safety and travel policies, you will be able to prepare and empower employees in order to best protect them, effectively respond to emergencies and operate safely and efficiently worldwide.


pre-travel packages empower travellers with knowledge and education prior to travel.

during travel we assist, monitor and provide real-time information alerts that could affect travellers' movements.

SPS's monitoring and response is managed from our 24/7 operations centre, allowing us to oversee the risks that could affect travellers. This allows us to provide an immediate response to individual traveller emergencies.

Delivering strategic and
operational solutions

Risk Management By combining local knowledge and expertise, SPS is able to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services. We enable our clients to operate safely and efficiently in some of the world's most difficult markets. Our senior consultants average over 20 years' experience in their core disciplines. These range from land-based enterprise risk management solutions, physical security solutions, crisis management, emergency response and training services.

High-Net Worth Specialists SPS offers a discreet approach to its HNW services, designing and implementing bespoke, client-led solutions ranging from residential to super-yacht security.

Enterprise Risk Management In line with current security best practice, SPS uses a strategy-driven approach to identify, assess and manage the organisational risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting the client.

Protective Services The essence of quality protection is anticipation not reaction. SPS has provided protection for 'at-risk' personnel and assets on a global basis and only uses high-calibre personnel and technology that maintains the lowest possible profile for the client.

Training Our team of qualified instructors provides a comprehensive range of training services. Our courses are designed for specific client needs and combined with SPS's broader services, allow clients to operate in an ever-changing and challenging world.

Delivering strategic and
operational solutions

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